Neo Geo Theme Meeting – July 2016

Every second month is designated a theme meeting.  It doesn’t mean you can’t bring along something outside the theme it just gives you something to focus on.  This month was Neo Geo.  We had a Neo Geo CD, a Consolised MVS and a Pocket available for play.  As well as that there was the portable arcade machine with hundreds of Neo Geo games.

Neo Geo CD vs Consolised MVS playing Last Resort

Also at the meeting was a NES with a variety of carts, an N64 playing Pokemon Stadium, Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye and a Mega Drive II what seemed to play Bubsy all night (they almost got to the end of the game).

The 1st July was the 30th anniversary of Arkanoid so a few of us played it on the NES.  The 9th of July is the 35th anniversary of Donkey Kong released in the arcades.