April 2019

Thank you Mario but our Mal is in another castle!

What wait, no Mal! This is highly unusual! This month’s meeting was hijacked by David, Robert and Angela. Once the dubious trio managed to pick the lock they got to work on setting up the game of the month, the caravan game and positioning the well labelled welcome door stop.

After some minor technical difficulties (fingers crossed that it was only the power supply on that Turbo Duo that’s dead) the game of the month Dungeon Explorer was ready to go for 5 player awesome action! Then after some more minor technical difficulties, the caravan game Kirby’s Star Stacker was ready to go albeit, minus the music (damn you Caps!). Matthew wiped the floor with us in the Stacking of the Stars and won with a high score of 67!

Once 7:30pm rocked around the masses started arriving and setting up their own wondrous entertainment boxes! There was a Mega SG, a Wii running on an 8” professional video monitor, a Katana Dreamcast dev system and more. Fun and conversation was had by all.

At 9pm the AA meeting part of the meeting began and was kicked off with David with the latest retro gaming news, was very educational and non-biased! Would give channel 7 news a run for their money although that’s probably not saying much… Robert and Angela followed with the Show and Tell, What have you been playing?, $5 Pickup Challenge, Game of the Month and voting for the next Game of the Month. Who’d of guess, Zelda Majora’s Mask won out by 2 votes! Finally the theme of “Handhelds” was voted on by the group.

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