Game of the Month – February 2023

Spinmaster (NeoGeo)

Action » Platformer » 2D

Released: December 16, 1993

Developed by Data East

Published by SNK

Also available on Virtual Console (Wii), ACA Neo Geo (NSW, PS4, XB1, PC), Zeebo and Antstream.

An evil doctor has kidnapped John and Tom’s friend, Mary, and has stolen their treasure map. Rescuing Mary and getting back all pieces of the map takes them through 5 levels of arcade-style Jump’n Shoot-action.

There are several weapons to acquire, ranging from a yo-yo (the standard weapon) to bombs, icicles, missiles and more. Weapons differ in range, shooting frequency, and power, and can be shot in all directions. Each weapon also has a unique chargeable attack as well as a super-attack (which uses up one bomb-symbol).

It is also possible to jump on enemies or perform a sliding attack.

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