January 2019

This month David brought along two Sega Saturns – one white one black – both with their CDROM drives replaced by SD card readers – both with CRT monitors – one in tate mode (rotated by 90º) playing a variety of Saturn games from SD including our Caravan Challenge Game Tengoku/Game Paradise.  Rob brought his Analogue Super Nt, our guest speaker Shane Battye showed off a Saturn plus three Sophia Saturn Development Systems running Saturn games System Linked.  G brought a Saturn with more games, Matthew a Playstation Classic, I had our Game of the Month Devil’s Crush running on a TG-16, Alex brought a selection of Saturn games, Angela and Robert also ran games on a Saturn but they had a light gun and were playing Virtua Cop.  William had a N64 with many games and a RetroTINK-2X.  Adam had a Windows 95 laptop running games from his youth.

During announcements we discussed retro news, had a Show and Tell segment where Shane spoke to us about the Sega Saturn – it’s history and development.  We had our $5 Pickup Challenge which Adam won with a handful of N64 games he picked up at a trash and treasure market.  We voted on February’s Game of the Month – City Connection (NES).  G won the Caravan Mode High Score Challenge with 1464960 – one of only three people to post a positive score.


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