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Game of the Month – December 2022

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (PCE-CD)
Action » Platformer » 2D
Released: October 29, 1993
Developed and published by Konami
Also available on Wii (Virtual Console), PC Engine/Core Grafx/TurboGrafx Mini, PC (Steam - Castlevania Advance Collection) and PS4 (along with Symphony of the Night within the Castlevania Requiem)
Remade for SNES (Castlevania: Dracula...
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February 2020

INTRO Our host with the most Mal W introducing us to Retro Tuesday. Key points: - Another night of fun will be arranged at Pixel Alley for the 21st of April. Come along!! The last meet included lots of retro-game chatting and arcade gaming including a mini high score challenge on Raiden (Pete claiming the win). - The Multiplayer...
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November 2019

Reminders/Schedule of Events:

  • 1st Tuesday of every month – Normal meeting

  • 3rd Tuesday each quarter: Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct – Pixel Alley

  • 3rd Tuesday each quarter: Feb, May, Aug and Nov – Other retro-game related (e.g., WonderLan, Movies, Tournament, etc.)

King of Kong (a Retro-Gaming Documentary) will be played on...

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