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Game of the Month – January 2023

Advance Wars (GBA) Strategy » Turn-Based » Tactics Released: September 9, 2001 Developed by Intelligent Systems Published by Nintendo Re-released as part of Game Boy Wars Advance 1+2 (GBA) Also available on Wii U (Virtual Console) The battle lines have been drawn, and an elite group of sly strategists are massing troops at your borders. You'll have to command ground, air and...
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Game of the Month – June 2022

Panic Restaurant (NES) Action » Platformer » 2D Released: October 1992 Developed by EIM Published by Taito Corporation Hot dogs on legs, jumping eggs, flying apple slices, hungry hamburger buns, pans shooting fried shrimp - WHAT'S GOING ON?? Ever since the mad chef, Ohdove, stole the Eaten Restaurant from Cookie, strange things have been happening! To win back the Eaten,...
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Game of the Month – April 2022

Super Turrican (SNES) Action » Platformer » 2D Released: May 1993 Developed by Factor 5 Published by Seika Group Also available on WII VC and Turrican Flashback Collection aka Turrican Anthology Vol. 1 (NSW, PS4) You are Bren McGuire, on a United Planets Freedom Forces mission to save the peaceful planet Katakis from the Machine, source of all that is cruel and evil...
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