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January 2013 - New Years Day, although some people who would have liked to come couldn't make it - there still was quite a good turn out. There was quite a variety of consoles this month - Atari Lynx networked with 6 player games, Dreamcast, Saturn, PS2, a Game & Watch collection and Nuon. The…
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The December 2012 meeting saw more new faces. There was an Intelliivision, Intellivision Lives 2nd Edition, Saturn, Game Cube, PS2 and PS3 playing a PS2 game. The highlights were the multiplayer games. We played Pacman Vs on the Game Cube where three players had controllers and played as the ghosts watching a limited view on…
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We had our first meeting on Tuesday 6th November, 2012 (Melbourne Cup Day). There was a moderate turn out to the November meeting where fun was had by all. There was an Atari 2600 Jnr which had been modified for direct video out, an Atari Flashback, a C64 running some NEW games released on cartridge…
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