• November 2018

    November 2018

      This month Matthew brought his XBOX 360 and using the SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection ran a variety of...

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  • October 2018

    October 2018

    This month I stuffed up.  I brought a Mega Drive 2 with our High Score Challenge (Caravan Mode) game –...

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  • September 2018

    September 2018

    I bought along a Genesis 3 playing our Game of the Month – Landstalker: The Treasures Of King Nole.  Following...

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  • Game Of The Month – September 2018

    Game Of The Month – September 2018

    Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole (SMD) Released October 29, 1992 Developed by Climax Entertainment Published by SEGA Also on PC and the...

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  • Game Of The Month – August 2018

    Game Of The Month – August 2018

    Wonderboy (SMS) Released March 22, 1987 Developed by West One Published by SEGA Also on Arcade, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, SEGA GameGear, Playstation 4,...

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  • July 2018

    July 2018

    A huge turnout tonight – we had 25 people attend and all playing retro games – a delight to see....

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  • June 2018

    June 2018

    We randomly chose a game to play on the portable arcade system and got Dommy – a Pengo style game...

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  • Game Of The Month – June 2018

    Game Of The Month – June 2018

    Gunstar Heroes (SMD) Released September 9, 1993 Developed by Treasure Published by SEGA Also on 3DS, Game Gear, iOS, PC, PS3,...

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  • May 2018

    May 2018

    Many of the members attended our night out at Pixel Alley last week – we also made it our theme...

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  • Game of the Month – April 2018

    Game of the Month – April 2018

    Golden Axe II (SMD) Released December 26, 1991 Developed and published by SEGA Also on PC, iOS, SEGA MegaDrive Collection and the...

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  • March 2018

    March 2018

    A good turnout tonight with a few new comers. The theme was 1994 and the Game of the Month Metal...

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  • January 2018

    January 2018

    A reasonable turn up to our Shmup themed meeting.  David brought a Megadrive/MegaCD combination and a SNES Jnr both connected...

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