Game of the Month – August 2022

Holy Diver (FAM)

Action » Platformer » 2D

Released: Apr 28, 1989

Developed and published by Irem

Re-released by Retro-Bit Aug 31, 2018 for the NES

The Demon King of the underground Dark Empire has extended darkness into the world. King Crimson, whose wisdom has guided the world of magic for generations is weakened and has sent his two sons into hiding. Randy and Zak have been entrusted to the faithful servant Ozzy, and the three devoted themselves to the cause of Holy Magic Justice!
Following Ozzy’s passing, Randy must embark on his solo journey to bring light back into the world. Only the son of the 16th Crimson Emperor Ronnie, can find the Royal Coat of Arms of the Crimson battle demons. Thus begins the Legend of the Holy Magic King’s Justice!

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