Game of the Month – June 2024

Mole Mania (GB)
Puzzle » Action
Released: February 1997
Developed by: Pax Softonica
Published by: Nintendo
Also available on Virtual Console (3DS)

Mole Mania is a 1996 video game developed by Pax Softnica and Nintendo EAD, and published by Nintendo for the original Game Boy. It is also one of the least known works of Shigeru Miyamoto. The game was re-released for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in all major regions throughout 2012.

Join Muddy Mole in a race to destroy enemies and obstacles in an attempt to defeat the evil farmer, Jinbei. Blast strategic exits using black balls and tunnel your way to the next action-packed level. Help Muddy solve the incredible puzzles of Jinbei Land and reunite him with his beloved mole family. You’ll dig the fast pace and challenging fun of Mole Mania!

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