May 2019

Handhelds, handhelds everywhere! Well it was the theme for this month.

PSPs, Lynxes, Game Gears, Game Boys, DS Lite dev kit, Mega Jet, PC Engine GT, Game Boy games on a N64 and one awesome N64 tattoo! There was so much amazing stuff in such a small space but I guess that’s the nature of handhelds. I’m sure I’ve missed something; there was loads of amazing stuff on display! There was also a large amount of goodies for sale!

Mal back in the hot seat covered the news (complied by Dave with some videos to boot!), show and tell which featured some neat tid bits such as Rob’s Retro Bit Saturn controller and Tim’s Namco Museum collector’s case. Mal also had a surprise video from Robert in Darwin at a WWII Air Force museum (he apologised for his lack of personal grooming).

The $5 challenge was won by Pete and his Wii component cable and nunchuck still in boxes for $2! The caravan challenge for the game Lumines was won by Matt with a top score of 32.

G held an excellent crash course on reading and pronouncing Katakana (definitely looking forward to the next lesson) and Angela hosted the game of the month segment. Colomns is our game of the month for May 2019.

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