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August 2017

A small turnout this evening but a passionate bunch.  I'm hoping it was the weather and not something I said. After discussing it last month I managed to get my hands on a Nintendo iQue - the N64 for the Chinese market.  Dr. Mario 64 and Zelda got a run.  Zelda was supposed to be time...
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July 2017

This month the theme was Japanese consoles.  There was a NEC Core Grafx with a multi-tap playing Bomberman, a Bandai Playdia with a variety of Edutainment titles and a Casio Loopy with a copy of Bow-wow Puppy Love Story - not that anyone could play the last two as they were completely in Japanese. Joe, at only...
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June 2017

There was no theme this month so members brought along a variety of games to play including old DOS games on an old DOS laptop, a SNES with a multitap which was used for a four player Bomberman competition, another laptop running emulators and a variety of handhelds including a Hyperkin SupaBoy (portable SNES) which Skye...
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