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Game Of The Month – June 2018

Gunstar Heroes (SMD) Released September 9, 1993 Developed by Treasure Published by SEGA Also on 3DS, Game Gear, iOS, PC, PS3, XBOX360 and the Wii Virtual Console With the military detained and the planet in serious peril, two brothers vow to find and destroy the evil power that now threatens Gunstar 9. If they succeed they shall go down in history...
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Game of the Month – April 2018

Golden Axe II (SMD) Released December 26, 1991 Developed and published by SEGA Also on PC, iOS, SEGA MegaDrive Collection and the Wii Virtual Console. Chop down the forces of evil in this intense sequel to Golden Axe. Battle the dreaded Dark Guld with the Barbarian, the Amazon and the Dwarf. Use tough new warrior skills and dazzling magic. Kick, hack,...
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