August 2017

A small turnout this evening but a passionate bunch.  I’m hoping it was the weather and not something I said.

After discussing it last month I managed to get my hands on a Nintendo iQue – the N64 for the Chinese market.  Dr. Mario 64 and Zelda got a run.  Zelda was supposed to be time limited but it kept running the whole time we were playing it.  A Saturn was running Daytona with a steering wheel.  A laptop was running emulated classics and Robert was running a multiplayer Doom mod which was a complete Sonic the Hedgehog adventure.

The portable arcade machine got good use and the competition was hot.  Konami’s Jungler got a run as well as some shmps and fierce Arkanoid and Puzzle Bobble battles.

During the announcements there was much discussion of the theme for September’s meeting.  We almost went for Retro games on the Wii until the agreed theme was suggested.  September’s theme will be 3rd generation consoles.  Wikipedia defines the 3rd generation as 8 bit consoles.  So bring your Famicoms, NESes, SG-1000s, MasterSystems, Atari 7800s, ColecoVisions or MSX to the nest meeting.

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