September 2017

Despite the cold weather there was a good turnout to tonight’s meeting embracing the 3rd generation – 8 bit theme.

I had my SEGA 8-bit collection there – an SG-1000, SG-1000 II, SC-3000H, Mark III, Master System and Master System II running a few carts as well as the built in games.  John brought an Atari 7800 running Donkey Kong.  Angela and Robert also had a SEGA Master System with many carts.

We were lucky to have a surprise guest speaker.  Harry Chojna the CEO of FutureTronics was kind enough to give us an insight into the early days of home video games in Australia.  He brought Atari to Australia in the 80s and still supplies the Flashback series of consoles to the local department store chains.  He also had a number of samples for sale about half of retail.  Thank you to Peter for organising that.

We revisited the concept of a Game of the Month.  Similar to a Book of the Month we’ll select a game for everyone to play and we can discuss that game at the next meeting.  The problem is what game to choose and even what console to look for a game on – not everyone has every console. It was decided we should all play Ghosts ‘n Goblins on the NES because of it’s availability.  Those that don’t have the actual cart are able to play it on the NES Classic Mini or on a hacked Wii using the Virtual Console.  Next month we’ll talk about the game, compare notes and high scores.

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