December 2019


* Rob C brought a game he’s developing called Backfire, as well as Tanzer and Xeno Crisis on the Mega SG
* Karl L brought his MiSTer running a variety of cores
* Peter Katzourakis brought a PSPgo connected to CRT and PS3 bluetooth controller
* David L brought ‘Daze before Christmas’ on a Sega MegaDrive with Mega CD attached to a JVC DT-V1750CG monitor
* Matthew P brought an AtGames MegaDrive
* Mal W brought a MegaDrive II for us to play – our Game of the Month – Strider
* James S brought a PS1 playing Crash Team Racing projected onto the wall
* Peter Kougi brought a selection of retro themed books, albums, boxed games and framed art
* Rob and Angela H brought a Vectrex playing MineStorm and later games using a cart where games could be selected with jumpers as well as Rob’s homemade tabletop arcade playing the arcade version of Strider for comparison
* William C brought a consolised NeoGeo MVS console with arcade sticks running Metal Slug adn Shock Troopers amongst other games

There was also a Switch playing King of Fighters ’98 in Hamster Caravan Mode projected on the big screen to see who could get high score – which was achieved by Matthew P with a score of 88,300.


On the 19th November we had a movie night where we showed the first episode of the game playing celebrity based Dara O’Briain’s Go 8 Bit, G4’s Proving Ground (where they recreated Mario Kart in real life) and finished with our feature The King of Kong.  We got pizza delivered and Shane even provided soft drink and popcorn.
In 2020 we have booked the 3rd Tuesday (as well as the first) for February, May, August and November to be decided.
Out next meeting is Tuesday 7th January where you have the option of paying $30 for the whole year including the 4 extra meetings
We have another outing to Pixel Alley on the Tuesday, 21st January – they have been very good to us and have given us tokens to use to score the quiz.
Rob H reported that the Twitch meeting streaming only had 1 view.  He decided it was too difficult for such little viewership though he might stream future special events like Serby’s unboxings.


Arcade Racing Legends is a new Dreamcast game to be released in 2020 – a homage to other Sega racers
New Super Mario Bros ported to SNES by a home brewer – including a four player mode
Project Neon – a shmup being developed for the Neo Geo and on Kickstarter – they want US$310 per cartridge but no ROM is available
GameCube ODE for around US$80 available in December – disk access is faster from SD – requires minimal soldering to fit
MiSTer GBA core, cycle accurate not chip accurate but excellent


Find A Way To My Heart is a new game for the Atari Lynx – Minesweeper like but hexagon pattern


Aleks Black Friday pickup trawling JB HiFi stores – many games found – mostly for $1
Rob C brought along Retro Game Challenge and the sequel after it was mentioned on Facebook
Various Xeno Crisis releases
Rob & Angela: enjoying Vectrexes from Wandan auction which cost them $550


With Aleks’ Black Friday deals he was a certainty to win until John produced a number of classic Nintendo games which he got for $1 each.


William recommends River City Girls
David recommends Yokus Island Express – metroidvania pinball
Aleks recommends Polybius on PSVR


November Game of the Month – Strider – Mal got high score
December Game of the Month – Operation Wolf


Tournament – we’ll have multiple consoles set up playing multiple genres of games.  Register your score for each game and we’ll sum them up to see who the winner is.


We had various game covers or posters where the name name had been removed and the members had to identify them.  Thanks to Pixel Alley for providing some of their tokens to be given out when each question was answered to help tally the scores.  Rob C did very well identifying some real tricky covers.

Thank you all for another good year – hope to see you all back in 2020 !

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