February 2018

No theme this month so we had a variety of games and platforms.  Angela and Robert brought a NES with a very small CRT screen with a Zapper as well as a Core Grafx with a Turbo EverDrive along with a variety of hand helds – we weren’t sure if the small screen made Duck Hunt easier or harder.  David was back with his quality monitor and a Mega Drive with a Mega Ever Drive.  William brought a Switch with retro games and I brought a NES running the Game of the Month – Blades of Steel.

A variety of shmups and fighters were played on the arcade machine as well as Rainbow Islands.

During the announcements we went over the retro news for the month.  We discussed Blades of Steel and chose Metal Slug (NeoGeo) as a clear winner of the March Game of the Month despite an exception offering – Prince of Persia (SNES), Wonder Boy in Monster Land (SMS), Soldier Blade (TG16) and Zombies (SNES) – known as Zombies Ate My Neighbours in other regions.  We finished up voting for March’s theme and chose games – or consoles – released in 1994.

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