February 2019

This month Rob commemorated the 20th anniversary of Quake III by setting up three laptops for competitive play.  Karl brought along his MiSTer – but more on that later – Matthew his Playstation Classic.  Angela and David combined to present the Game of the Month – City Connection (NES) running on a Famicom.  William brought his Analogue NT also running City Connection and Shane a N64DD development system and his Switch also running City Connection.  I brought along my Switch and set up the 5 minute City Connection Caravan Mode.  Angela and Rob played Ace Combat X on wireless linked PSPs.  John brought along a collection of CIB portable game consoles.

During announcements we discussed our recent visit to Pixel Alley and decided to do it again and to fit in an additional “meeting” between now and then.  We also discussed retro news, had a Show and Tell segment where I produced my VGA modded Virtual Boy.  Karl was kind enough to talk to us about the MiSTer project and showed off his FPGA board simulating a number of consoles, computers and arcade machines.  We had our $5 Pickup Challenge which we awarded to Karl who got a number of good Wii games for free after the guy he was going to buy them from at the market couldn’t be bothered waiting for him to go to the bank.  We voted on March’s Game of the Month – Solomon’s Key (Arcade).  We also had further discussion on which console’s games should be included in the Game of the Month pool.  Chris won the Caravan Mode High Score Challenge with 186300.  It was getting late by now and as everyone was leaving we chose Favourite Franchises as the them for the March meeting.

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