January 2020

The theme for this month’s Retro Tuesday was a retro-gaming decathlon tournament. 10 events to determine who is the greatest retro-gaming athlete. John F decorated the room with his gorgeous original arcade machine marquees which included: Pac-Man, Congo Bongo, Sky Shark, Enduro Racer, Hang On, Ms. Pac-Man and Scramble.

Event 1: Famicom Tetris – Best Score on Game B Level 9 Height 3.
Provider: Ludo C, played on his RGB modded Famicom outputting to his Blaupunkt CRT.
First Place: Gram

Event 2: Mega Drive’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Best time completing first level.
Provider: David L, on his Megadrive outputting to his JVC DT-V1750cg.
First Place: Chris K

Event 3: PC Engine’s Super Star Soldier – Best Score on 2-minute caravan mode.
Provider: Rob C, on his PC Engine Core Grafx 1 with a Super SD System 3 adapter connected to a Rad2x allowing for a glorious hdmi image.
First Place: Aleks S

Event 4: Arcade’s Zero Wing – Best score on hard level with 2 lives until the end of level 1.
Provider: Rob H, emulated via MAME on his NUC powered homemade arcade.
First Place: Rob H

Event 5: Vectrex’s Star Trek – Highest Score.
Provider: Robert and Angela H, on his Vectrex with a Mega Drive controller.
First Place: Peter Katz

Event 6: Nintendo 64’s Mario Kart – Best time on Luigi Raceway.
Provider: Shane B, on his N64.
First Place: Marc C

Event 7: NES’s Track & Field Javelin – Furthest throw.
Provider: Peter Katz, on his NES.
First Place: Chris K

Event 8: Arcade’s Donkey Kong – Best score on first 2 screens.
Provider: Karl L, on his MiSTer FPGA outputting via DVI-D to a monitor in tate mode.
First Place: John F

Event 9: NES’s Operation Wolf (Game of the Month) – Best score on Communications Centre level.
Provider: Mal W, on his NES with Zapper outputting to his Philips CM8833 (equivalent to the Commodore 1084 monitor).
First Place: David L

Event 10: Atari XEGS’s Missile Command with Trakball – Best score after 4 levels.
Provider: Mal W, on his Atari XEGS.
First Place: Peter Katz

The overall winner was Peter Katz.  Woohoo

Our host Mal W took us into the next part of the meeting. Key points:
• Pixel Alley meetup on Jan 21st at 7.30pm
• Next RetroTuesday meeting on the 4th of Feb at 7pm
• Multiplayer Handheld Beanbag Bonanza on the 18th Feb at 7pm
See Facebook for further details.

David L with hot-off-the-press retro-gaming news, including:
• the new Mega CD MiSTer FPGA core
• a soon to be released Retrobit N64 controller
• a great new Sega Master System homebrew called Voyage
• and a recently released 3-player version of Final Fight as part of its 30th anniversary.

Angela reflected on the mostly disappointing game of the month NES’s Operation Wolf, while helping us identify with renewed optimism the next game of the month, being Alien Storm on the Mega Drive.

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