June 2017

There was no theme this month so members brought along a variety of games to play including old DOS games on an old DOS laptop, a SNES with a multitap which was used for a four player Bomberman competition, another laptop running emulators and a variety of handhelds including a Hyperkin SupaBoy (portable SNES) which Skye brought back from Super Potato in Japan.  The “portable” arcade console was there connected to the projector and a few competitions were going including Twin Cobra and Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter.  One member used the unlimited credits to play Batman through to the end.

During the announcements we discussed the new HD NES from Hyperkin, the retro section of QuizUp, the upcoming Netfix Castlevania animated series, the “return” of the Retro Game Squad Podcast, the latest release of Retro Arch and the upcoming Sonic and Crash Bandicoot games.  During “Show and Tell” we compared retro pick-ups including the portable @AtGames Genesis from Catch Of The Day, I gave a Wiimmfi update and we got a better look at the SupaBoy.  We also chose a theme for the July meeting – Japanese Consoles – so come to the July meeting to see some obscure gaming systems.

We also discussed the direction of the club.  Suggestions were that we have an extra meeting on a weekend sometime, an outing to an arcade (if we can find one) and even try again to make contact with Joel – The Last Gamer – who lives in Melbourne and has the Guinness Book of Records record for the largest video game collection.

See you all next month

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