June 2019

Goodies galore !  How can we start without mentioning the star of the show – the actual mock up of the Sega Saturn made for the 1994 Winter CES ?  Shane tracked it down for his collection. This is a one and only piece and it was a pleasure seeing it and holding it in the flesh !  But there was many other goodies to behold – a NR Reader Gamecube (development system that uses special NR disks), William’s consolised MVS mainly playing Shock Troopers, a SNES Classic Mini, Angela’s newly bought Gameboy sewing machine, Serby had an Atari Jaguar with newly ported games including some arcade classics, a Famulator (Famiclone) and a humble Atari 2600 which was putting out a remarkable picture for RF.

The formal meeting took off earlier this time as it has been running a little late recently.  We’ve also begun trialling live streaming of the meeting to the Facebook group, it’s only low quality video for now but looking to upgrade down the track.  Dave took us through the news, Shane won the $5 challenge with the Megaman figure blind bags and Angela went through the Game of the Month segment.  The masses voted and the Game of the Month winning by a hair was Super Castlevania IV.  I kid, it won hands down !

Finally we voted on a theme for next month’s meeting – Racing Games – which also won hands down.  Unpack your steering wheels and we hope to see you next month.

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