May 2018

Many of the members attended our night out at Pixel Alley last week – we also made it our theme for the month.  Robert and Angela brought along a Dreamcast with Daytona and a few light gun games – all of which were playable at Pixel Alley when we were there.  William brought his Super Nt along with a number of games for it.  I brought along a SNES running our Game of the Month Axelay which was played all night.  The arcade system also got a beating playing random arcade games including a version of Tetris where spikes were lowered from the ceiling and your character tempted suicide by climbing up the placed blocks – game over when the two met.  We also played Gyrus and the puzzler Toryumon.

During announcements we went over some retro news, discussed Axelay and chose a Game of the Month for May – Gunstar Heroes (SMD).  We also decided that we would return to Pixel Alley in a few months for another round of barcade fun.


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