November 2019

Reminders/Schedule of Events:

  • 1st Tuesday of every month – Normal meeting

  • 3rd Tuesday each quarter: Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct – Pixel Alley

  • 3rd Tuesday each quarter: Feb, May, Aug and Nov – Other retro-game related (e.g., WonderLan, Movies, Tournament, etc.)

King of Kong (a Retro-Gaming Documentary) will be played on the 19th November at Wadham House. Come along!!

Caravan Mode

  • Mal W brought his Switch for a mini tournament of Magical Drop II on Caravan Mode – James S taking first place with 2744

Available Consoles to Play on the Night:

  • NES playing Little Nemo: The Dream Master on a 1701 Commodore Monitor (Peter K)

  • Genesis playing Shadow Dancer via a personally modified RGB to VGA connector (Leigh H)

  • An enviable homemade emulated tabletop Arcade cab playing Gate of Thunder (Robert H)

  • High quality Replicade mini arcades playing Tempest and Centipede (Rob C)

  • Virtual Boy with VGA out playing Bound High! (Mal W)

  • PC Engine with Super SD Sys 3 via RGB on a personally RGB-modded Sony Trinitron (Ludo C)

  • Mega SG playing MEGA Turrican using a Retrobit controller (William C)

  • A PS3 playing some good old Mortal Kombat (Dave N)

  • A NES Classic playing some Double Dragon II (Mathew P)

  • A PC Engine Duo R playing the game of the month (Karl L)

  • A PC playing the game Stacking (Angela H)

David L with the News:

  • PAX highlights

Including Tim G talking of his Sega Hotline days; Shane displaying his amazing devkits; Rob C displaying C64 oddities and new releases)

  • Analogue Pocket

FPGA handheld to be released 2020 that can also be docked; playing the Gameboy (Original, Colour and GBA), Game Gear, Atari Lynx and Neo Geo Pocket Colour

  • Sega Master System Mega Mod Synthesizer

Check him out on YouTube – great Sega Master System modding for music production.

  • New Dragon MMC flashdrive support for Dragon/CoCo line computers

  • Arcade version ‘VS Castlevania’ released on the Switch

  • Xenocrisis released on various platforms

  • New Monster PC Engine Joysticks

  • Jeff from can upgrade the sound on the MegaDrive II

  • Microsoft beta XBOX game pass for PC

Only $1 for 1st month

  • Shenmue 3 expected release this month on Epic

Show and tell:

  • Virtual Boy with VGA out (Mal W)

  • Homemade arcade tabletop cabinet (Robert H)

  • Replicade mini Arcade machines (Rob C)

  • Joshua Tree game (Angela H)

Winner of the $5 challenge:

Mal W with a PS1 version of Final Fantasy VIII for $4

What have you been playing:

  • The Outer Worlds (Angela H)

  • Vectrex (Robert H)

  • The Way on the Switch (William

  • Grid Auto Sport and Luigi’s Mansion on the Switch (Shane B)

Highest score in game of the month:

Ludo C with a score of 543200, winning a steam key for the game Deployment (thank you Angela H)

Voted Game of the month for November:

Strider (Mega Drive / Genesis)


Copy power games – game where the protagonist can copy the powers of creatures they encounter.  Pete brought Little Nemo: The Dream Master where you take over small woodland creatures and end up sort of wearing their skin !  Angela brought Stacking – a game where you are a Russian Doll and you can surround smaller Matryoshka to use their powers.  No one brought the obvious Kirby or MegaMan.

Regular thank you to Angela & Robert H for setting up Retro Tuesday live stream on Facebook and Twitch, Mal for organising the room and projector, and for everyone else’s contribution. Check Facebook for photos of the night as well as lively discussions and informative postings.

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