April 2018

A quiet meeting tonight.

Our Game of the Month – Golden Axe II – was running on a MegaDrive and the Steam version on a PC.  Chris tweaked the options on the MegaDrive version to give him 5 life bars and was able to beat it – the peasants we’re excited and the credits rolled.

During the announcements we discussed the retro news for the month – a Street Fighter live action TV Series, new games based on Nickelodeon shows from the 90s, Sonic Mania Adventures animated series, a new Tomb Raider, the SEGA MegaDrive collection for current gen consoles, Mar10 day, Crash, Okama and Luigi’s Mansion for the Switch, Nintendo patenting a Donkey Konga controller for the Switch, controllers for the Atari VCS and the Go GameOut Market.  During Show and Tell I had my C64 Mini to show off.  We discussed Golden Axe II and chose the Game of the Month for May – Axelay (SNES).  We also selected a date for a retro outing to Pixel Alley barcade in Fitzroy and the theme for May – arcade conversions of games available at Pixel Alley – check out pixelalley.com.au for a list.

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