July 2017

This month the theme was Japanese consoles.  There was a NEC Core Grafx with a multi-tap playing Bomberman, a Bandai Playdia with a variety of Edutainment titles and a Casio Loopy with a copy of Bow-wow Puppy Love Story – not that anyone could play the last two as they were completely in Japanese.

Joe, at only his second meeting , brought along some Retro Tuesday stickers he had designed and printed – very nice indeed.  Two other attendees were showing off an Apple II e emulator they had developed playing games in simulated 3D.

During Show and Tell Aleks told the story of the biggest pick up of his life – tens of consoles hundreds of games for a fraction of their value.  He had two large crates which only contained a portion of his haul – everyone was jealous.

I chose an arcade game randomly and a few of us competed in Pop’n pop a matching coloured balloon game with a vs mode similar to Tetris – check out the game on Wikiepedia.

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