March 2019

This month we had a theme of “Your Favourite Franchise”.  Rob brought his collection of Ace Combat games including a few obscure titles, Angela brought her StarFox games, David brought his extensive WonderBoy collection (with a few items from Ludo) – Skye wore her Zelda dress – Pete his Sensible Soccer T-Shirt and I wore my Super Mario Bros. T-Shirt.  Karl brought his MiSTer FPGA board playing some arcade classics and the NES version of Solomon’s Key – our Game of the Month.  Shane had one of his Sophia Sega Saturn development systems and was testing it with Ludo’s Rhea.  Pete had his hacked SNES Classic, Matthew his NES Classic, I brought a Game Elf running the arcade version of Solomon’s Key as well as the Tandy Colour Computer I recently acquired for my collection running Galactic Attack.

During announcements we discussed our special WonderLAN party on the 19th March – an old school XBOX LAN party – as well as out next visit to Pixel Alley on the 16th April.  We also discussed retro news, had a Show and Tell segment where the highlight was a Wii-mote and sensor bar prototype for the GameCube that Shane had purchased on Yahoo Auctions Japan.  We had our $5 Pickup Challenge which we awarded to Rob with his copy of Silent Service for the Amiga he picked up at AUG.  We voted on April’s Game of the Month which surprisingly was Dungeon Explorer (TG-16) despite some offerings from the PS1 now that they are added to the list.  Next month Gameboy games will be added to the Game of the Month selection as well.  David won the Caravan Mode High Score Challenge with 3556950.

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