October 2018

This month I stuffed up.  I brought a Mega Drive 2 with our High Score Challenge (Caravan Mode) game – Battle Mania: Daiginjou – running on it but unfortunately I didn’t test it with the projector which only displayed it in black and white so I set it up on the screen I brought with me to run Paper Mario – our Game of the Month – which consequently stayed in my bag.

Angela and Robert brought along a Mega Drive 2 and Mega CD playing the recent indie release – Tanglewood – using an EverDrive MD.  Matthew brought his NES Classic Mini, Peter brought a number of books about various consoles and their games and Alex brought many Atari Lynxes, four of which were connected via ComLynx and running California Games – testing in preparation for PAXAus.

The High Score Challenge went well with Paul the eventual winner on 28300.  During the 9pm announcements we discussed retro related news items as well as our Game of the Month – and voted on the November Game of the Month – Streets Of Rage (SMD) and Theme – Atari.  We also had out first $5 Pickup Challenge – the best game you can buy for $5 – which I won with Sensible Soccer for the Amiga CD32.

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