August 2018

An average turnout tonight – perhaps the weather keeping people away.

David brought a Saturn, Robert and Angela brought a MegaDrive II with Mega CD running both CD and cart games – Angela also had a laptop running a remastered game she had Kickstarted as well as a few games running under VICE the C64 emulator.  Peter had a SNES Classic Mini modded to run other console emulators as well as a NES with Adventure Island – an adaptation of Wonder Boy arcade.  I had a Master System 1 with a Wonder Boy cartridge for those that hadn’t had a chance to play it.

We ran a high score challenge using the GunHed 2 Minute Caravan Mode on PC Engine which Robert won with a score of 148240.  During the 9pm announcements we discussed retro related news items as well as our Game of the Month – Wonder Boy – and voted on the September Game of the Month – Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole (SMD) narrowly beating Ninja Commando (NeoGeo).  We also chose a theme for next month – Blue.

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