January 2018

A reasonable turn up to our Shmup themed meeting.  David brought a Megadrive/MegaCD combination and a SNES Jnr both connected to very heavy broadcast quality CRT monitors via component cables so the picture was outstanding.  Angela and Robert brought a PC Engine Core Grafx and a DOS laptop.  John also brought a MegaDrive.  Alex turned up with a PS One with the portable screen attached.  William brough a RetroUSB AVS playing Famicom carts on an HDMI connected monitor.  I had my AV modded Famicom playing the Game of the Month – Milon’s Secret Castle.  Peter brought a laptop running a NES emulator also running Milon.  Gerry brought a number of gaming anthologies for the Commodore Vic 20, Amiga, Playstation and Ocean Software.

Shmups were playing all night on the projector connected arcade machine.

During the announcements we went over the retro news for the month.  William is organising a retro marketplace – like the computer swap meets but for retro games – in Carlton on the 25th March – the details are here.  We discussed Milon and after a count back chose Blades of Steel (NES) as February’s Game of the Month by one vote over NAM-1975 (NeoGeo).

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