July 2018

A huge turnout tonight – we had 25 people attend and all playing retro games – a delight to see.

Members brought a selection of 4 or more player games.  I had my NES with a Four Score playing Gauntlet II but few people played.  Robert brought four laptops running networked Doom, Angela a Dreamcast with Powerstone and David a PC Engine Duo-R with a multitap.  Julian brought a Pokemon themed N64 with Mario cart, Grammatis brought a Japanese SNES running Street Fighter II and John brought his Neo Geo AES running the Game of the Month Magician Lord – he actually had the cart !

We ran an arcade challenge so at 8pm we played Jackie Chan which was very similar to Mortal Kombat and 8:30pm Blue’s Journey which Paul B won – though I was a close second.  During the 9pm announcements we reminded the members of our new Facebook group, and upcoming night at Pixel Alley as well as other retro related news items.  A first timer – Tim Gadler –  told us stories of his time working on the SEGA OziSoft help line.  We voted on the August Game of the Month – Wonderboy (SMS).

At the end of the night we managed a ten player game of Saturn Bomberman.

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