July 2019

Brrm Brrm! Start your engines! You read correctly, this month’s theme is racing. We’re so good even Steam is copying us and their current sale has a racing theme!

How can I not start by mentioning the very cool Virtua Racing on the Switch, 8 players on a big projector? Yes please! There was Outrun on Saturn with the Saturn steering wheel and V-Rally 2 on the Playstation 1 with the Jogcon.  Matthew had his SNES Classic Mini running various games but mainly our Game of the Month Super Castlevania IV, William had his Analogue Super NT and David brought his The C64 Mini Console.  William had some give aways and Mal snapped up all the Nintendo Disk System games for his collection, Serby the Limited Run Games collector cards and others the various carts.

The Facebook live stream started a little early to show us playing Virtua Racing and continued until the end of the formal meeting.

Even with a suspended train line everyone arrived in time for the formal meeting.  Mal did a quick rundown of upcoming events – a trip to Pixel Alley Barcade in two weeks and our WonderLAN Party the week after that – get your XBOXes primed.  Dave continued with the news and boy is there a lot going on at the moment for retro gamers, minis, minis and more minis, lots of new retro games being worked on and heaps of new hardware to make old systems more convenient!

The $5 challenge was won by Mal and his Wii Tetris Party Deluxe (it’s Tetris, it’s a Party and it’s Deluxe !) which was $1 cheaper than the last copy brought to the $5 challenge. We discussed the June Game of the Month and a few very skilled people managed to get to the end of Super Castlevania IV!

The July Game of the Month voted by the masses is Galaga ’90 on TG-16 (Galaga ’88 if you have a PC Engine).

William held a very awesome presentation about travelling to Japan, what to see and do and how much to expect it all to cost. If you missed out the slide show is available on our Facebook page.

There are also some murmurings about maybe a group trip to Japan, keep your eyes peeled on Facebook if you’re interested.

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