November 2017

A few hiccups with the arcade machine but we got it working for a Puzzle Bobble competition. A few other fighters and shmups we’re played afterwards.

The theme of the meeting was weird peripherals.  There was a GameCube running Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix with a dance mat, a Wii running various GameCube games that used the bongo controller and a Power Glove which unfortunately did not work.

The October 2017 Game of the Month Puyo Puyo Tzu was running on a Mega Drive for a few head to head battles.  Later we chose R-Type on the Turbo Grafx/PC Engine for the December Game of the Month just winning over Forgotten Worlds on the Mega Drive.

There were a few items for sale throughout the night and Angela ran a trivia competition with prizes she donated.  A few new faces from PAX enjoyed a great night of retro fun.

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