October 2019

A smaller gathering than usual nevertheless suited the centrepiece of fun, which was 4 Gameboy Advances connected to a Gamecube (brought along by Angela), fighting it out for supremacy in The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Shadow Battle  on a projected screen.

David L brought some chips and lollies to celebrate his 40th. Happy birthday David!


  • PAX is on the 11-13th October

  • Our Pixel Alley outing is on the 22nd of October

  • Next Retro Tuesday meet is on the 5th of November (early start Melbourne Cup Day)

Alternative events were discussed; of which watching a retro-gaming themed movie or documentary proved popular.

Available consoles to play:

  • Neo Geo mini outputted to a monitor and played with the Neo Geo mini controllers (William C).

  • Mega SG playing Mega CD games via the Mega SD using the 8bitdo M30 controller (Rob C).

  • Megadrive II and Megadrive AtGames demonstrating the game of the month Kid Chameleon (Mal W and Matthew P respectively).


Angela & Robert H gave away 3 PC’s and a range of cables. Fortunately Matthew took their Band Hero drum kit which has now travelled countless kilometres across Australia looking for someone to adopt. A steam key for Grim Fandango Remastered was also given away to the person who got the furthest in the game of the month – actually David got the furthest and already had the it so it was passed on to John.

David L with the news:

  • Atari VCS announced that Antstream Arcade will bring to their system thousands of retro arcade games including both original and enhanced versions

  • Pre-orders have opened for Retrobit’s Sega Saturn 2.4ghz controller

  • Pre-orders have opened for the Rad2x, an excellent plug and play HDMI solution for select individual older consoles

  • A new shoulder bag is coming soon for the Sharp X68000, a legendary computer Mal recently displayed at Retro Tuesday

  • A new FPGA Amiga graphics adapter for the ‘big box’ Amigas

  • A new C16 game called Alpharay

Show and tell:

  • The Switch SNES controller (Rob C)

  • A Data East mini retro arcade purchased from Jaycar (Mal W)

  • The rare and ever-growing-in-fame prototype Ultra 64 controller (Shane B)

Winner of the $5 challenge:

Angela H with her $3 beautiful blue DS Lite. Mal W came a very close second with his $5 SNES Honeybee controller (there were only two contenders).

What have you been playing:

  • Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Untitled Goose Game (William C)

  • Watch Dogs 2 (Matthew P)

  • Mechwarrior developed by Beam for the SNES (Rob C). Keep an eye out for Rob C’s (aka Hellfire 64) Youtube channel ‘Beyond the Scanlines’ for great reviews of old games and consoles.

Furthest in the game of the month Kid Chameleon:

David L

Voted Game of the Month for October:

Gate of Thunder (PC Engine)

Voted Theme for November:

Copy Power games i.e. games where the protagonist can copy powers of enemies.

Thank you to Angela & Robert H for setting up Retro Tuesday live stream on Facebook and Twitch, Mal for organising the room and projector, and for everyone else’s contribution.

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