March 2018

A good turnout tonight with a few new comers.

The theme was 1994 and the Game of the Month Metal Slug.  John had his consolised MVS running Metal Slug.  Robert & Angela brought a few DOS games from 1994 running on an old laptop as well as some handhelds including a PSP emulating a SNES running Super Metroid which was also released in 1994.  David brought along his two broadcast quality screens one connected to his Mega CD/Mega Drive/32X/Mega Ever Drive tower running all 32X games (as the 32X was released in 1994) and the other to his PC Engine Duo-R which was playing the awesome Castlevania Rondo of Blood.  William had his analogue Super nt and I had my Atari 5200 which has been recently modified with S-Video out – those controllers are so unreliable.  Ludo brought along a Neo Geo AES with a few fighting games including King of Fighters ’94 which was released … you guessed it … in 1994.  Angela, Alex and Paul all had items for sale.  I had the arcade machine running Metal Slug and a team managed to get to the end – with the help of infinite credits.

During the announcements we went over the retro news for the month. We discussed Metal Slug (Neo Geo) and chose Golden Axe II (SMD) as the March Game of the Month for April.

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